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We have been serving the residents of Logan Central since 1984 and we would like this message to reach as many people as possible: preschool eye exams are extremely important for children here, and worldwide.

Preschool Eye Exams

Recent studies suggest that as many as 25% of children may have vision problems which affect their learning. This is not necessary at all. Vision screenings only catch so many things; preschool aged children need a comprehensive vision examination by an experience optometrist. These are non-invasive and pain free. 

Undetected vision defects affect children's learning in a variety of ways. Sometimes these issues are not evident even to parents who pay very close attention to their children. For example, a child with Hyperopia, more commonly known as long-sightedness, may be able to recognise letters and even write just fine at the preschool age, then, as he or she progresses in school, letters and numbers get smaller as the books get bigger leaving them frustrated. Many behavioural problems actually stem from undetected vision defects, which could all be prevented with an eye exam.

Early detection allows for early treatment of vision defects. Preschool aged children respond very well to treatments. Just like many other parts of the body, eyes respond to treatment best with early detection. 

Other common issues which are relatively easy to deal with include myopia, more commonly referred to as short-sightedness, and astigmatism, which is also known as distorted vision. 

If you live in the Logan area and your preschool aged child is ready for an eye exam please visit our eye exam page or make an appointment now. It is never too early to test a child's eyes.

Posted 09 November 2014


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