NOVATEARS: The innovative new eye drop
for evaporative dry eye disease

Novatears eyedrops

Evaporative Dry Eye is a condition where an imbalance of the components of the tear film cause it to evaporate quickly drying out the ocular surface. The tear film is made up of an outer lipid layer, an inner aqueous layer, and the innermost mucin layer. The oily lipid layer in your tear film is produced by your meibomian glands that sit on the margin of your eyelids. If the meibomian glands are dysfunctional the lipid layer loses the ability to protect your tear elements from evaporating with the air.

Novatears (or perflurohexyloctane) is a therapeutic eye drop that supports the natural lipid layer of the tear film. The small droplets feels silk-like as it glides over the ocular surface due to the low viscosity and low surface tension. When the drops spread over your tear film it helps stabilises the lipid layer reducing evaporation of the aqueous layer thus allowing your natural tears to reestablish itself below. Additionally, Novatears drops do not blur when applied because the refractive index is the same as water despite being aqueous free. The benefits of being an aqueous-free means that it does not support microbial growth so no preservatives are required for storage lasting up to 6 months from opening.

Clinical studies have shown marked improvement of dry eye symptoms and objective measurements after 6 weeks of using Novatears four times per day.  There was a significant reduction of corneal staining; increase in Schirmer 1 and tear-film-break-up-time; and a significant improvement of symptoms measured by ocular surface disease index (OSDI) score(1). Essentially Novatears increases tear volume and tear retention time meaning the tear film becomes more stable.  This helps to improve visual clarity and comfort especially for activities such as driving and digital device use. It's important to know that dry eye disease can be quite complex and your optometrist can diagnose what type of dry eye you may be suffering from to see if Novatears is suitable for you.  A healthy tear film improves more than just your visual comfort but is also essential for a healthy ocular surface.

  1. Steven P, et al. Semifluorinated Alkane Eye Drops for Treatment of Dry Eye Disease A Prospective, Multicenter Noninterventional Study. Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (2015).

Novatears: Is not to be used with contact lenses.  Should not be used under 18 years or while pregnant or breastfeeding.  If you are using any other eye medication, allow at least 15 minutes between.

Posted 10 October 2018


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