Harden up!

The question remains for contact lens wearers hard or soft? Since hard contact lens technology preceded soft lens technology, sometimes the assumption is that soft lenses must be better. This is not always the case. In fact, there are some great benefits to wearing hard contacts and those who wear them generally swear by them!

Hard lenses, while once made from glass, are now made from plastic. One of the reasons hard lenses have their name hard and tend to be thought of as just that, hard and uncomfortable, is because of the materials they were once made from. But technology has kept up with hard lenses and most now incorporate some silicon to increase flexibility and comfortability. 

Now that the issue of comfort has been addressed, the benefits of hard lenses begin to shine through. Generally speaking the vision is better. Their hardness ensures that unlike soft lenses, they retain their shape better and this has the run on affect of crisper, sharper vision. The hardness of the lens also decreases the chance of sustaining a rip or tear to the lens. And with a bit of TLC your hard contact lenses can last for years and years. Providing you don't need a new prescription, then contact lens life can be very easy with hard contact lenses. So, why not harden up and give it a go?

Posted 10 June 2013


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