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People from Logan Central and Brisbane getting an eye exam often make one of two requests: An eye exam with no dilation, and an eye exam with dilation.

Reasons people request eye dilation:

Our local patients specifically request eye dilation when they have new vision problems, if they have been referred to us by their General Practitioner for dilation, or if they have diabetes. Other patients want early detection of other health problems; early detection is actually one of the best reasons, and sometimes the most important reason, to have your eyes dilated. A few of the diseases and conditions caught by a dilated fundus examination are: diabetes, eye tumours, brain tumours, high blood pressure, infectious diseases, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, glaucoma, and vasculitis.

Reasons people do not want their eyes dilated:

Nobody particularly enjoys having their pupils dilated. It results in blurry vision, sensitive eyes, and leaves you unable to drive for a few hours. When you outside, sunglasses are needed to protect your dilated eyes.

A comprehensive eye exam usually includes dilation:

We use special eye drops to dilate people's eyes. The drops cause the centre of your eye (the pupil) to widen. This allows us to properly view the back of your eye.

Aside from the obvious benefits above, there are many factors involved with determining if eye dilation is necessary during your eye exam, such as your age, your eye's health, your overall health, eye symptoms, vision problems, family history, medical history, and the results of your previous eye exams.

If you are located near Logan Central or Brisbane need an exam please visit our eye examination pageor make an appointment today.

Posted 15 November 2014


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