Eye Allergies in Brisbane

Eye Allergies we encounter here at our Logan Central location are problems that people all over Brisbane may be suffering from. We can diagnose and treat any eye allergies that you may be suffering.

Eye Allergies

Some people get irritated eyes year round. Indoor allergens may come from pet dander, dust mites, cosmetics, or eye drops. Other people have seasonal allergies; the most common allergen in Brisbane is pollen. Common eye irritations include watery eyes, inflamed eyes, red eyes, or itchy eyes. Other symptoms of pollen allergies include fever, headache, sinus, or runny nose. Eye allergies may also trigger pink eye.

Treating Eye Allergies

There are different allergens in all parts of Australia. In Logan Central and Brisbane the relief for irritated eyes is usually the same as it is everywhere else. Some ways people get relief is by avoiding allergens, removing their contacts, or with over the counter eye drops. Antihistamines may help combat itchy or watery eyes. Decongestants may assist with red eyes. When these steps do not help, or if allergic reactions are more severe, it is time to visit the optometrist. Anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, and prescription anti-histamine and mast-cell stabiliser eye drops are sometimes used to relieve the problems associated with eye allergies.

Eye Allergies

If you are located in the area and need relief from eye allergies please mention this up during your next eye exam or make an appointment today.

You may also find these resources helpful:

The Brisbane Pollen Forecast.

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Posted 15 November 2014


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