Are tablet computers safe for children's eyes?

Parents ask us all the time "Are tablet computers safe for my child's eyes?" Whether they are using them to text their friends, play Minecraft, or do homework, a large portion of kids these days have phones, tablets, or laptops. Some schools even require them. But could the amount of time spent on them affect kid's eyes?

As with many things, electronic devices are probably best used in moderation. Many of these devices are fairly new and the long term affects of using them are simply unknown at this time.

Children who have used devices for prolonged periods of time can suffer from tired eyes, blurred vision, eyes strain, headaches, or red eyes. All of these are symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS). CVS is typically cured by limiting the time spent on these devices. Kids can take breaks from using their devices, keep their screen at a safe distance, keep even room lighting while using them, and if they have a prescription they should wear their glasses. Your child may not realize their symptoms are associated with or a result of using their device, so be sure to ask.

If your child is experiencing any of the symptoms above or if you have specific questions about their eyes please bring them up at their next eye exam. (Eye exams are very important for children and their future; read why on our post eye exams for children.)

Posted 22 December 2014


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