10 Eye Opening Contact Lens Care Tips

Contact lenses are safely used by millions of people; however, the questions never stop pouring in on how to use them properly. Hygiene is one of the most popular topics. 

Preventing bacteria and infections such as keratitis should be a top priority for wearers of contact lenses. We see keratitis often, and it can range in severity from irritating to complete blindness in some severe cases. So, here are 10 tips on contact lens care that we hope you will find useful and save you a whole lot of trouble. 

1. Wash your hands before inserting your contact lenses, or removing them. This reduces the bacteria load on your hands. 

2. Change your contact lens case every time you get a new bottle of solution.

3. Contact lens cases must be replaced every 1-3 months. Dirty cases are the #1 cause of infection. 

4. Replace your contact lenses as prescribed by your optometrist.

5. It is safest to take your contact lenses out overnight, even if they are approved for overnight wear.

6. Rub and rinse contact lenses with disinfecting solution every time they are removed.

7. Saline solution is not a disinfectant. 

8. Contact lens solution is not a rewetting drop. 

9. Clean contact lens cases after each use and let the case air dry. It takes an extra minute but prevents the development of a biofilm on the case. A bacterial biofilm increases the risk of infection. 

10. Do not top off the old solution in your lens case with new solution.

Posted 06 December 2014


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