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Safety spectacles

We carry and supply the full range of OHS certified prescription safety spectacles including the Hoya, PSG and Essilor range.

In Australia, OH&S requires employers to provide a high standard of safety and health at their workplaces and ensure, as far as practicable that employees are not injured or harmed because of their work.

Where risk assessments have identified the need for protective eyewear (prescription safety glasses) to control the remaining risk, these must be provided by the person conducting a business at the employer's cost. Legislation requires that you ensure the health and safety of workers as far as reasonably practicable. 

Contact us to see how we can help you protect your employees and discharge your duty of care with our range of AS/NZS 1337.6:2007 certified prescription safety glasses from $199.00 complete. 

Complete Prescription Safety Eyewear packages:

Single Vision          $199 complete  SafetySpecs

Bifocals                   $329 complete

Multifocals            $369 complete

Polarised lens extra $50

Transition lens extra $100