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With some of the most exquisite eye-wear products sourced from all over the world, you will have no problem in finding the glasses frames which suits your style and needs.

With an impressive range of designer brands including Ray Ban, Versace, D&G, Longchamp, Vogue, Prada, Oakley and more. Our glasses frames are individually selected to display cutting edge designs and optimized to your visual needs.

Qualified optical dispensers will recommend the latest design of the optical lenses and will select the most suitable frame while keeping your lifestyle, personality and budget in consideration.

Frame Selection

Oval Face Shape

Proportionately balanced almost any style will work for the oval face. Feel free to experiment with all of the latest looks, square shaped glasses frames with rounded edges wraparound or shield.
Glasses Frames suggestions: Any frames shape.

Heart Face Shape

For the heart shaped face the best style to suit would be the light coloured or rimless with low temples. Styles as straight top Line will balance the jaw line.
Glasses Frames suggestions: Glasses Frames with a Straight Top Line.

Round Face Shape

Styles such as rectangular frames nicely contrast the round face and have the effect of thinning and lengthening the face. Higher temples will also create a longer profile.
Glasses Frames suggestions: Wider glasses frames with angular styles.

Square Face Shape

A classic Oval style goes well with this shape of face. Overall Look for frames with curves on the lower part and some weight on the top.
Glasses Frames suggestions: Oval, Round and Cat Eyes glasses frames.